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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Sharon, Lois, and Bram’s new album takes a nostalgic look back

Key takeaways:

  • Making their first album in decades was a trip down memory lane for Sharon Hampson and Bram Morrison.
  • Morrison claims that their road stories are quite benign compared to other rock ‘n’ roll bands of the time.

Sharon Hampson and Bram Morrison, two Canadian children’s entertainers, say making their first record in decades was a trip down memory lane.

“Sharon, Lois & Bram: Best of the Best Live,” their new album, was released on Friday, and it includes 22 never-before-heard tracks captured at the group’s concerts at venues across Canada and the United States between 1989 and 1995.

On Friday, Hampson told CTV’s Your Morning that she and her husband are “proud and happy” with the recording, which she affectionately refers to as her “new baby.”

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“We loved how we sounded back then, the band’s passion and excitement, and being with Lois was a great delight,” Hampson added.

Sharon, Lois, and Bram, a Toronto-based three, spent half of their 40 years singing wholesome children’s songs like “Skinnamarink,” “The Muffin Man,” and “One Elephant,” among others.

During their history, the group has received three Juno Awards for Best Children’s Album, and in 2002, they were inducted into the Order of Canada. The Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal were also presented.

“It felt nostalgic and great,” Morrison remarked of the new album’s creation. “We enjoy being together, and it feels like we’re back in high school, which is amazing because we were much younger back then.”

The CD was first curated by Hampson and Morrison, then two superfans, together with their co-producer and Hampson’s daughter Randi Hampson, took over and went through hundreds of recordings to capture the ultimate Sharon, Lois, and Bram live experience.

Sharon, Lois and Bram release new live album

“They spent a lot of time listening to a lot of music before narrowing down the list,” Hampson explained. “We also did some listening along the road… but the end outcome reflects all of our efforts and thoughts.”

Morrison said witnessing the ecstatic looks on children’s faces — and even some parents’ faces — when the band stepped out to perform was one of his favourite memories from those concerts.

While the group’s “greatest delight and satisfaction” came from the audience’s reaction, Hampson believes it was also special to be a part of a hard-working, supporting team.

She claims that their successful songs are popular with the current generation of children and with parents who grew up listening to the music.

“People send nice notes; they talk about memories unlocked,” she said, adding that “people genuinely want to hear that song.”

“The band, the crew, and us all felt like one big family. We spent time together, went out to eat together, and it’s good to be a part of something when everyone is delighted to be a part of it, “she stated.

Morrison claims that their road stories are quite benign compared to other rock ‘n’ roll bands of the time.

He explained, “We were out doing evil things; we were out doing good things.”

The couple also just started a TikTok account with the help of Hampson’s daughter, which they claim has given them and their music a new audience.

Hampson admitted that she and Morrison didn’t know much about TikTok before posting videos on the platform but that the feedback has been positive.

Source: Global News

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