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Saturday, February 24, 2024

MTS calls the move ‘premature’ as the school mask mandate comes to an end

MTS calls the move "premature" as the school mask mandate comes to an end.

Key takeaways:

  • Manitoba’s mask mandate, which applies to schools and child care facilities, will expire on March 15.
  • MTS stated that it is eager to lift public health orders and restrictions, but that it must proceed with “extreme caution.”

On March 15, Manitoba’s mask mandate, which includes schools as well as child care facilities, will come to an end.

The province confirmed in an email to CTV News that the mask mandate will be lifted in schools and child care facilities but that masks could still be worn based on individual risk as well as preference.

According to the province, facilities and school divisions can still order masks, and the stock of personal protective equipment might be assessed in the coming weeks.

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“Work to monitor the condition is ongoing, and schools and child care facilities must be prepared for future scenarios that may necessitate additional precautions,” the province said.

“We believe that masks must continue to be supplied as they have been an important part of mitigating risk over the past 2 years,” the Manitoba Teachers’ Society (MTS) wrote on its website on Friday.

MTS said it is looking forward to lifting public health orders and restrictions but that doing so should be done with “extreme caution.”

“Masks provide an extra layer of protection against a virus that can strike at any time. Many Manitobans have compromised immune systems and rely on us all for protection, “MTS stated the following.

“The medical community still advocates masks as a risk-reduction measure. As a result, the Society believes that lifting the mask requirement is premature.”

MTS calls the move "premature" as the school mask mandate comes to an end.
MTS calls the move “premature” as the school mask mandate comes to an end. Image from BBC

Parents have differing viewpoints as they prepare for the loosening of restrictions.

“I understand that individuals are tired of wearing masks, but I think we should wait a little longer,” Xavier Mio, who was tobogganing with his two school-aged children, said.

“I assume if the teacher in the classroom does not feel comfortable for the children,” stated Kerri Pearson, another parent. “But overall, I’m triple vaxxed and don’t want to wear them anymore, as well as I ‘m not sure kids should either,” she added.

“I’m a little worried,” Ryan Child, who was tobogganing with his two children, said. “But overall, things seem to have been getting a little better in the province and also the world; it’s likely time to get back to things being as usual as possible.”

MTS stated that a safe learning environment is a top priority in schools and that when returning to normal, a careful approach must be taken, with masks being a part of that approach.

According to the province, the province wants teachers, staff, and students to continue taking preventative measures like staying home when sick, washing hands, and getting vaccinated when they are eligible.

“Our aim is for schools and child care facilities to generate welcoming environments for everyone, regardless of whether or not they wear masks. To us as well as those around us, we must be kind, compassionate, as well as understanding, “According to the province.

Source: CBC News

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