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Saturday, February 24, 2024

After Covid, Canada now encourages more business-oriented immigration

Key takeaways:

  • The corporate immigration industry, as we all know, suffered significantly when the catastrophic Covid tsunami shook the entire world.
  • Immigrants fare well in terms of job creation and labour market success, according to a survey.

As we all know, when the fatal Covid wave shook the entire world, the corporate immigration sector suffered greatly. But, unfortunately, it also had a huge influence on employees and migratory workers all around the world. 

Things are gradually returning to normal as the bulk of the population of various nations has been inoculated. Individuals have once again summoned the courage to move from one continent to another for personal and professional advancement.

Internally, Canada is still reliant on immigration to fuel its post-coronavirus economic recovery. Every country wants its economy to grow and prosper, which necessitates individuals investing in their country in various ways.

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When it comes to Canada, the country offers business immigration schemes such as the Intra-Company Transfer Program, Startup Visa Program, etc. As a result, people can get the status of permanent resident and, eventually, citizenship. 

Canada offers a world-class educational system, a low crime rate, outstanding infrastructure, and world-class healthcare facilities, among other things. 

All investors and entrepreneurs are looking for new challenges these days, and if they can overcome the difficulties, they can have a prosperous future in Canada.

After Covid, Canada now encourages more business-oriented immigration

A poll found that immigrants do well in terms of job creation and labour market success. In addition, it was recently discovered that immigrant-owned businesses outperform enterprises owned by locals in terms of profitability. 

As a result, Canada has begun to implement immigration-friendly legislation and policies to attract new talent and people who can provide financial benefits in addition to cultural benefits. 

The Canadian government also ensures that regulations are fair and transparent. As a result, there are no sudden changes in immigration laws or plans, making it easy for people who want to migrate to stay up to date.

According to Canada’s most current Immigration Levels Plan for 2021-2023, the country wants to accept 400,000 new permanent immigrants each year.

According to the Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index for 2021, Canada is the finest country in the world in terms of immigration procedures and investment climate (NBI). In addition, Canada was ranked fourth in the 2021 Global Start-up Ecosystem Index Report.

It is unsurprising to learn that Canada has a good post-recovery strategy based on business and economic immigration.

Source: The Economic Times

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